Indiana has an idea to copy here

I’ve been a truck driver for 12 years, and I’ve seen many accidents and things that work and don’t. In construction zones, most signs aren’t effective because the roads are too narrow and drivers can’t look at the signs.

In Indiana, flashing signs display the speed limit, and drivers tend to obey it. If Fort Worth would install such signs, they could be remotely turned on when there are dangerous road conditions or accidents, and drivers would slow down.

– Erling Lea, Arlington

They work so we can live

A tip of the hat and prayers of thanksgiving for all the men and women who have braved this treacherous weather to ensure that our electrical lines have been maintained and repaired. Our lives are blessed by countless unseen and unknown faithful servants who labor in obscurity.

– Rick Schwab, Fort Worth

Back to the reliable well

It didn’t take long for our Republican governor, Greg Abbott, to go on Fox News and complain about the Green New Deal. Fossil fuel generators suffered from lack of winterization (and failed) as did some wind turbines.

If wind turbines can operate in the North Sea, they can certainly operate here. Also remember that the largest refinery in the state shut down, so the flow of oil to some of those fossil fuel-fired plants was curtailed as well.

Texas’ Republican leadership sure is quick to sue, quick to blame and quick to ask for federal disaster money even while bashing the federal government.

– James Bradley Klein, Richland Hills

Stuck to facts, not politics

Thank you for the Feb. 17 editorial about the Texas power grid failure. (11A, “Texas knew for years power grid was at risk but did little about it”) I appreciated the non-political assessment of the situation and the actions needed to address the state’s infrastructure. I hope your words are heeded by state leaders.

– Whitney Tong, Southlake

Texas passed, dropped the buck

It’s natural to feel proud of one’s state. But go-it-alone Texas pride led to a freestanding electrical grid. And nutty judgment by elected officials only makes difficult situations worse.

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Texas’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the grid collapse hold up a mirror to our leaders. The reflected image is not flattering.

Citing data never publicly disclosed, Gov. Greg Abbott reopened bars last year, and that supercharged the pandemic. His only aggressive action was to countermand Dallas and El Paso officials trying to enforce tighter pandemic measures.

Now we have Sen. Ted Cruz fleeing to the warmth of Cancun while millions go without heat. (Feb. 19, 13A, “While you’re freezing in your Texas home, Sen. Ted Cruz took off for Cancun. Really.”) And Abbott embarrasses Texas nationally by falsely claiming that wind turbines caused the grid collapse.

The ineptitude would be laughable if these leaders’ missteps didn’t add to our misery.

– Barry Shlachter, Fort Worth

This is the thanks we get?

During the past year, Texas leaders have asked us all to stay home and close our businesses. They asked our children to educate themselves at home while their teachers struggle to provide appropriate direction. They’ve asked us to wear masks, social distance and stand in long lines to get vaccinated.

Texans have complied, and many have struggled through a year like no other.

Now, when we need our leaders to get the power, heat and water back on, they’ve failed, thrown up their hands, offered free water and warming stations and pointed fingers at one another.

I’d say that the vast majority of Texans are gravely disappointed in these efforts. People have suffered and even died, and countless homes are damaged and destroyed. We can certainly do better.

– Steve Bjelland, Fort Worth

Police went above and beyond

Regarding the story and video on your website Thursday about the Southlake police officers’ efforts to rescue a dog that had fallen through pond ice: Without hesitation, an officer entered freezing water up to his chest. (Feb. 18,, “Watch as this Labrador is rescued from an icy pond by his owner, Southlake police”)

These officers are the same that the racial justice crowd wants to defund? I don’t think so.

– Stephen Arlington, Granbury

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